Lawn Care

lawncare-1Some people forsake grass in favor of stones, woodchips, or concrete pavers. But, for the property owners who have grass, making sure you get the best lawn care possible is essential. If you live or work in Souderton, PA, Matt’s Lawn Care LLC can provide your property with affordable lawn care that is guaranteed to improve the quality of your grass. My service comes complete with mowing, leaf collection, and much more:

• Mowing—I pride myself on my ability to make a lawn look its best. My mowers guarantee a perfect cut every time. Mowing also comes with the option of having your lawn mulched, which is something I recommend. If you do not want mulching, I can simply collect the clippings and dispose of them.

• Weed Trimming—Weeds are the bane of lawns everywhere. I will take care of overgrown grass and weeds to give your lawn that manicured, healthy look it deserves.

• Fertilizer Application—Lawns need nutrients, and with my lawn care service, you get fertilizer application that is scheduled accordingly throughout the season.

• Garden Tilling—The fall season is a prime time to till the soil in your garden. Tilling helps reduce erosion, exposes the heavy soils to frost, kills any exposed bugs, and aids in the decay of organic matter while also allowing you to plant earlier.

Lawn care is a delicate job, but with Matt’s Lawn Care LLC on your side, there is nothing that cannot be done. For service and a free estimate in Souderton, PA, contact me at your convenience.